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Hazzalyfe Progress

Wprivate, Mar 13, 11 9:06 PM.

Most recent boss kill: Chimaeron.

  • Current progress - 9 / 12

Well done to everyone that has participated in the progress kills that has lead to the final 3 bosses, thank you to everyone for your hard work and determination, it is very much appreciated. Please keep up to date on the tactics for ALL bosses, it doesn't hurt to refresh your memory and 9 times out of 10 you'll pick up on something you may have missed before.

Peace out,

Officers of Hazzalyfe

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Welcome to the Hazzalyfe website and forum

Welcome to the Hazzalyfe website and forum

Hello to everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to browse our website, Hazzalyfe is an end-game progression guild that was founded during The Burning Crusade, since then we have dedicated our cause to progress raiding and always striving to be at our best, we have a core 10man raid group that runs regularly that we know will down the end-game content to make a name for ourselves. We are very social and fun people to be around but if you are thinking of applying to the guild then you need to be serious about raiding as we go for progress kills, we do not want to be constantly wiping on one particular boss for weeks so we need people that are willing to bring their a-game to every raid, with that said please read the paragraph below if you are interested in applying to Hazzalyfe.

To anyone that wishes to apply to Hazzalyfe,

If you feel that this is the guild for you and you have checked to see that we are currently recruiting your class and particular spec you can join our website as a member, this will take you through some simple options and will eventually bring you to the application page, this is where it matters most, please take your time with your application and answer ALL of the questions to the best of your abilities, the more time that you have taken with your application the more we will think that you are serious about joining us. An example application is shown in the link below, this is how you should apply.

Thank you for reading and goodluck with your application,

Chris-Takechi x

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